Looking for apartment in Szczecin

September 1st 2008 is the first day of being without an apartment here in Gorzow. That means that I have to have found a new apartment in Szczecin by then and I really hope I will find a descent place to live in Szczecin.

Ania has already signed an agreement for an apartment to rent there, so now it is only me left. The apartment she found there is really nice and cosy – and it would be ideal to find something similar if I can just find something a bit bigger than 50 square meters.

If you know about someone renting out an apartment bigger than 50 square meters in a central area of Szczecin I am very interested in hearing about it.I am looking for an apartment of high standard in a secure area of the town. It should be pretty close to Galaxy or the castle. No trams passing by and not too close to the cathedral.

We are also looking for office space in centrum of Szczecin for Devenia as well. We need two rooms at least.

Give me a call or comment below if you have something to offer.

Sist oppdatert 1. desember 2011 av Bjørn Are Solstad

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