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I have just installed a nifty little plugin for Firefox that will be very interesting to check out. It’s called Zemanta and works together with WordPress. What it does is that it suggests images and articles that you can use in your articles as long as you are blogging on one of the supported platforms.

Since I blog using self-hosted WordPress it is supported.

Now – here is what it does: While I am writing this post it waits untill I have written about 300 characters, and then presents me with suggestions for articles and images I could use in the article.

So, it helps you in the sence that you don’t need to run around looking for suited content or images for your posts.

That is the theory anyway.

The image to the right was suggested by Zementa. I just dragged it into the post.

Zementa has also suggested the following articles for further reading:

Have you tried Zemanta? What is your experience with it?

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